Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversation piece...

A while back I wrote (and retracted) a post about how I'm feeling a little under the weather, emotionally. It felt like the right thing to write at the time, but also felt like the right thing to take back. And amazingly enough in the matter of hours while it was up, several of you reached out to me. I can not even begin to express how it made me feel. People I have never met reached out to tell me I was not alone. AND checked in on me to see if I was feeling better. My friends hugged me and told me they loved me. And meant it.
The whole thing got me thinking...
Do I have a responsibility to share? Be honest about feeling this way? In the matter of hours people let me know I wasn't alone maybe I could have made someone else feel better in knowing that THEY are not alone? Why is it that so many times we sweep these personal feelings under the rug?
In this time in our lives, why is there still a perceived stigma on feeling alone? In need? In knowing you are struggling?
To those people who reached out to me, Thank You. Your kindness helped me more than you know. To anyone who needs a friend, helping hand or words of encouragement, let me know. You are not alone.


La Belette Rouge said...

I am so glad you were met with warmth, acceptance and concern----you so deserve it. And, I don't believe you have an "obligation" to share. But it does feel great to know you aren't alone and you aren't.
Big hugs, my lovely friend. (((((KT))))))))

V said...

I think we don't talk about it enough b/c we don't want to burden other ppl with our feelings and/or problems. But, in reality, our family, friends, and even strangers sometimes are there to listen to us and help us out if needed. Plus, at least for me, I think who really wants to hear all my "bad" stuff too? I always think ppl only want to hear good stuff. I hope you are well.

Polly said...

I hope you are ok KT, I was so sad when I thought you wouldn't be blogging anymore but am so glad u are still here. xx

Sara said...

I've struggled with sharing good v. bad, too. My life is overwhelming filled with 'good', but there is a certain 'bad' that I struggle with on a daily basis. But it's really, really private, not only for myself but for Nate too. And our families, coworkers, friends all read my blog, so that kind of means I can't share that particular struggle there. I wouldn't care so much if my blog friends knew, but I draw the line at coworkers and my MIL! So I started a separate blog, just to get my feelings out. And it is definitely helping. And I'm already meeting a whole different set of people who share my same struggle.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts on it. Praying for you still!

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