Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100 days of Kindergarten...

Amazingly enough, we didn't have to do a "100 item" display. Whew. The teacher must been thinking of those of us who are still getting used to packing lunches for the 100th day, scrambling around after not going grocery shopping and trying to assemble a reasonably healthy meal that won't get children's services called on us!
Some things Caroline has learned and or experienced since she started school:
1) Boys. Caroline's teacher has requested that she stop trying to kiss them so often. Oops. That one is in the genes, sorry!
2) Caroline announced that since I am over 18, I am old enough to call and order things on the phone.
3) Caroline suspects her teacher of taking home leftover food from the kids to feed her own children, especially if it is cookies! (Not sure where she came up with this theory but it always cracks me up!)
4) As of today, Caroline asked the art lady to put together a better plan as she would like to see more crafts.
5) We ran into a teacher at Target, prompting Caroline to tell me that she is pretty sure teachers love Target the best.
6) Caroline has already picked what she wants to wear for 1st grade pictures. The problem is that it is a dress she already has, only we didn't know it was actually a nightgown. And we've been letting her wear it to school! Damn you Gymboree for making the sale racks confusing!

Now that we have Caroline's first 100 days of school over, it's time to start counting down to Tessa's graduation. Can you HEAR my heart breaking???


The Closet of Kim (ShopKim) said...

Those are so funny! I have to attach 100 things to a shirt for my 1st grader. Oh yea, good times.

WendyB said...

She is priceless!

Karen Karlsen said...

You're gonna be alright with Tessa leaving, KT. These days, kids text their parents daily, which can be a good thing, or not. But don't let her sense your stress over it, or she'll feel guilty for just growing up and moving away. You don't want her to feel guilty, do you?

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