Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the game of grown up, who wins?

Along with real life comes real responsibilities.
Cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, trash...
Throw kids in and there's even more.
And of course there are days where you are JUST PLAIN TIRED and don't WANT to be responsible, if even just for a few hours, or even AN hour.
But what happens when all of the grown ups aren't in sync?
So one grown up is relaxing, and the other is tidying up?
Bitter feelings are what happen to me.
So it becomes a game of he said she said.
She said: How come I'm always cleaning and you're watching TV?
He said: How come when I'm cleaning you're reading a book?
She said: How come we can't each clean a room?
He said :Because I don't want to clean right now.
A real crowd pleaser.


Polly said...

I so know that conversation, its a regular one in our home...ho hum.

presious said...

Though I don't have a hubby, I have teenagers and young adult kids. Lately, I just want to run away!

Yes Polly, ho-hum.

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