Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cookies, cards and people like me...

We have been the recipient of many holiday cards and cookies. All of which are greatly appreciated. They really are. But what makes me feel crummy is wondering if people I have sent cards to in the past are wondering why I didn't send THEM a card this year. And the answer is... I didn't send any cards this year. Not one. Not a single one. Nor did I bake cookies.
But so many of you have been in my thoughts and on my mind, really you have been. I just didn't get around to it.
What I do want to share though, is THE BEST COOKIE RECIPE EVER.
And if you want, just pretend I made them and brought them to you along with some holiday wishes.
Frosted Walnut Pumpkin Cookies from Just follow the link to heaven:,1813,147176-249199,00.html


Polly said...

Im sure not - we all know what this time of year is like!

Sara said...

I feel ya, girl! We didn't send out Christmas cards this year either because I'm just not feeling it. The last thing I want to do when I get home is hand address a hundred Christmas cards. A Christmas letter would have been just as depressing - Sara lost her job, spent four months working a crappy part time job, quit said part time job for an even crappier full time job, meanwhile Nate works six days a week and sometimes seven. Festive, huh?
Maybe if I start now, we'll actually get cards out for next Christmas....

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