Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Twas the week before Christmas...

I should be cleaning my house

It's our year to host Christmas

The family of my spouse

The stockings are hung

By the chimney with care

But our dog Brook, RIP, hers is not there

Our first Christmas without her

It's been bittersweet

Remnants of her fur on the tree skirt I didn't sweep

The boxes have been delivered

By Amazon with care

Knowing I don't have it in me to brave the holiday crowds out there

It's Tessa's last year here

Full time in our care

Next year will be college

Tears stay away

Damn you, beware!

Caroline is so excited

Christmas at five

Littlest Pet Shop and Screature

Rank high on her list

Small plastic toys, you get the gist

I'm thankful for family, and for friends

Wishing that the childhood years could never end

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

Kwanzaa and more

Here's looking forward to what 2010 has in store!


Kimberly said...

Merry Christmas and all that jazz!

Leslie said...

this is great! have a very merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

Good one, Happy Holidays, liking your blog!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that's the best poem ever!

kc said...

I miss Brook too.......... you may wonder if you were biased - but she was really a very good dog. i'll blame the wine, but am currently a little weepy.

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