Thursday, December 3, 2009

It hit me like a ton of bricks...

The tour.
Something I had looked forward to for months.
Possibly even more than the class reunion itself, I was excited to return to the halls of North Side along with a trip down Stadium Drive, my old street.
I should have known I was in trouble when we turned down the street and I felt like I had never been there. Half of the homes have been torn down to clear more land for the school.
On to the school, literally around the corner, at the end of the street.
This was a building where like my other 500 plus classmates, I spent the better part of my days for four years.
A majestic building facing the river.
At least it used to.
The entrance? Is now in the back of the building.
Which was hard to swallow, but it is what it is.
The journalism program? Room 113?
No more. Apparently, no one wants to read the paper, they just want to watch it on tv, hence the hi-tech media program now in place at the school.
Impossibly hard to swallow.
In an unrecognizable building, I realized that a mid-afternoon swim at the hotel would have suited me better.
Some things are better left in the past.


Steve said...

I was in the wrestling team and we practiced next to all you gymnasts.. Lets just say, you ladies can be very distracting to our practice....

Spydey said...

I wondered what the reaction was to the lack of journalism there now. That was sad.

My sad part was what they did to the gym. Pathetic. That new gym is a cookie cutter gym with no personality!

I enjoyed the tour though...glad I saw the new stuff and now I really don't have to go back!

KT said...

Seth, I have to admit the gym bummed me out as well. It looks like any other gym in any other school. At least we got to experience NSHS the right way!

KT said...

Oh and Steve... We knew you guys were there. We could smell you! Man those mats were stinky!

Polly said...

Im so sorry it wasn't what you hoped. I hope that you still have great memories though.

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