Friday, December 4, 2009

Facebook... Bringing people together!

Go ahead and laugh. I believe that facebook is a valuable tool. I really do. Had it not been for facebook I would never have gone to my class reunion. I've never kept in touch with anyone, but through facebook have chatted with so many people as if no time has passed. People who in the past would never have spoken with one another encourage each other on a regular basis. It's interesting to me.

And through facebook I was able to reconnect with an old classmate. Steve. What's interesting about Steve is that he seems to be the most visited of all of our classmates. In China. No one visits me in Ohio, yet Steve has people looking him up in China.

And as we got closer to the reunion, my phone rang. With Steve on the other end! A friend from high school gave him my number. And laugh at me if you will, but I've never had an international phone call! OK, depending on how you look at it I've had restaurants in Canada call me to confirm dinner reservations while I'm there. Not sure that counts...

Well, Steve has some crazy important job in addition to being a husband, avid facebooker and father of two. Yet, he still had time to play technical support to me and teach me how to use my blackberry properly! Now that is a friend! Now, thanks to Steve I can use blackberry messenger! A lesson learned from across the world! I feel like a television commercial!

Now, if anyone needs a dinner suggestion in Shanghai, just let Steve know.

*Photo courtesy of Steve via blackberry messenger. Who knew???
**Another interesting Steve tidbit? If guys can be called BFF's, Steve is BFF's with Dan, my middle school swing choir partner. We had many, many dances to Lionel Richie.


ShopKim said...

I agree, Facebook is very cool for that reason! I reconnected with old high school friends that I never would have otherwise. Glad Steve was able to help you!

Steve said...

Wow Katie, I just thought about it. I think we met in 6th grade @ Northwood.. Holly Cow!! Glad to help!! Ciao Steve

Anonymous said...

I recently moved back to the Ft Wayne area after being away for 7 years and not keeping in touch with anyone. The first week I was back, it was like living in a new town, I didn't feel like I knew anyone. FB put me back in contact with so many old friends and classmates. Without it, I never would've know about the class reunion. -Jerry Riggle

La Belette Rouge said...

That is fantastic. Great story about the power that social networking has. Facebook should hire you and Steve.

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