Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's hump day. Again...

Before I talk about last weekend, let me address hump day and a fond memory.

I referred to Wednesday as "hump day" once and my dear, darling friend Jordan had never heard of "hump day" and I think she thought I was being naughty. Well, once again it is hump day and I swear, I'm just catching up from the weekend.
So.... here's the weekend wrap up and really, I'm not even embellishing. Not a bit.
Friday, the day before Tessa's senior prom: Tessa had driver's ed and had not even had a chance to try on her prom dress as we had to have it shipped to our house and she had been at driver's ed every night during the week. As soon as the dress got here, I took it straight to the dry cleaners to be pressed for pick up. Which leads us to...
Saturday morning. 11:15 a.m. I get home from the dry cleaners with Tessa's dress, still in the plastic dry cleaner bag, her boutonniere for her date and a few other items that she needed. Tessa takes the dress to her room and within seconds I hear a panicked "mom." I'm not kidding you, the poor kid was about to bawl. The tag hanging from the dress said size 6. The label sewn into the dress said size 14. We ordered a size 2. She tried the dress on, and it was HANGING off of her. It was a size 14, not a six like the tag said, not a 2 like we ordered. Her date was coming at 5:00, she had a hair appointment at 1:00, and I don't know how to sew, let alone re-build an entire prom dress.
I have no idea what special powers of calm took over me, but I said to Tessa and Caroline "Get your shoes on." Poor, poor Tessa kept saying "What am I going to do mom?" I knew if I let Tessa panic the day would be ruined.
In my life I will never know how we pulled it off, but we drove a half an hour across town, purchased a prom dress that fit (with a few safety pins) a half an hour home, got gas (when we pulled into the gas station the tank said 0 miles to go) and got Tessa to her hair appointment on time at 1:00 with a few minutes to spare. Caroline was a complete trooper about racing around with us and getting in and out of the store in a matter of minutes. Tessa, God love her kept it together for me and we were laughing by the end of it.
She could not have looked more beautiful.
Sunday was Cake Boss and date night for Caroline and I. Tessa was invited, but apparently has a cooler life than hanging out at Cake Boss appearances. (Tessa, if you are lucky maybe I will leave you the cake plate he signed for us. ) The icing on the cake if you will was when Caroline and I left the parking garage after the Cake Boss appearance and the automated meter at the exit spit out $21.00 in quarters in change for the $20.00 bill I put in for the parking fee. I gave the money to Tessa. She'll need it for college.
*And I'd like to thank Macy's for the not-in-any-way-shape-or-form good experience of getting a dress for Tessa's prom. They really, really seemed to (not) care when I took the dress into the store and showed it to them with the tags and label reading two different sizes which were not even close to one another. Thanks. And to the following people, with true sincerity, Thank you for making Tessa's prom awesome.
*Chapel Hill florist in Grandview- The boutonniere was GORGEOUS. Tessa was thrilled. Thank you.
*Barbie at Nurtur- You could not have done a better job of making Tessa's hair look exactly how she hoped it would. Again, Thank you.


Sara said...

Last minute or not, Tessa looks stunning! What a lovely dress!

Leslie said...

I dont know what the original dress looked like but that dress is FABULOUS and completely stunning on her! I had a similar situation for a big event in college -- they botched my dress alterations and I had to get a new dress the night before this very public event -- but you know what, scary as it was putting my new dress on not knowing if the alterations were going to have worked, I loved it even better than the original one and it worked out great. Tessa appears to have had a similar situation.

Polly said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I hope that she had a wonderful time.

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