Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some things can't be bubble wrapped...

As I was packing tonight I looked out my window and saw my dear friend and next door neighbors house and had to close my blinds. I can not pack and look at her house at the same time. This is a woman who has been on vacations with me, babysat for me and someone I see every day. I have known her through two of her three pregnancies and can smell her cooking dinner from my house at the end of each day. She watched Caroline for me from the time Caroline was six weeks old, and had it not been for her I could have never left Caroline with anyone else and gone back to work. She is my friend, my neighbor and she has been a lifesaver and inspiration to me on many occasions. I realized as I looked at my packing boxes that I am only packing up my physical belongings. My memories are in my heart, and it does not matter where I live.


La Belette Rouge said...

You have a fantastic attitude. I could use some of that attitude.

Anonymous said...

I can send you a list of ones I got too!

presious said...

Wow....sigh* How bitter/sweet. When I moved from San Diego, I didn't want to leave my neighbors whom I've known since I was at least 5 years old. I trusted them with my kids, my home when on vacation, my pets, etc. The thought of moving into another neighborhood and establishing new neighbors was a little unsettling. However, 6 years later, we are doing very well with our neighbors. Can't say the level of trust is the quite the same, but friendly is there.

I remember when my daughter decided to go to school just a few hours away. I felt that same feeling. It's like I was afraid of loosing her forever.

So many things can happen, both positive and negative, but my biggest fear was that she would become comfortable in that city and want to say permanently.

Unfortunately, my daughter went through some extremely negative events that caused her to return home. Ultimately, she did complete college and she is still on track.

I still have 3 boys to get through. One has settled in San Diego which I am ok with. The second, while going to school/working, is still at home, getting ready to move in with my daughter when she purchases her first home soon. The youngest is still in high school.

I really do understand.

Fort Wayne said...

I am sorry for whatever is happening and wish you would call.

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