Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What about Bob?

Well, I have to say our neighbor Bob loves our little family. I'm guessing not nearly as much as we love him, but love is love, right? When it comes to great next door neighbors I swear we hit the jackpot. Athanasia on one side, Bob on the other. I'm guessing Bob is 90 now, and still likes to clean out our gutters and repair things he notices need done. He always stops to talk to Caroline and loves to pet Quincy through the fence. Whenever we have him over for dinner he is a fabulous dinner guest, and just a true pleasure to know. So. The question is which one of us tells Bob that Caroline and I are moving and Tessa is leaving for college? The funny thing is that neither Brian nor myself wants to tell him. I offered to write a letter or email him. I have a feeling that is tacky and not appropriate. Ugh. Saying goodbye is WAY worse than packing.


Polly said...

Hugest Hugs KT. xx

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