Friday, April 23, 2010

More good-byes...

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but dividing up friendships during a break up is hard. In any relationship I have ever been in I have had the chance to meet fabulous people and have been lucky enough to maintain some of those friendships over the years. My relationship with Brian has been no different. Through Brian I have had the chance to meet some AMAZING people, and consider myself lucky to have done so. And with me, any person who is as kind to my kids as they are to me is TOP NOTCH in my book.
In the case of Brian's friend Scott and his wife Sara I could not say enough kind things. From early on in our relationship Scott, Sara and their family have been nothing but great to us. Those kindnesses will never be forgotten. For anyone who has followed my blog, one of Scott's early starring roles in my life was when he was willing to come dressed as the stork for a baby shower I hosted. Not many friends would have driven a half hour across town to do that for someone, and when Barack Obama spoke at Tessa's school, Sara drove to come get Caroline for me so I could be there with Tessa at the event. Both Scott and Sara's parents have always been kind to our family, as well as having hosted us on vacations. Again, their true kindness will always be remembered. And in the case of Scott's amazingly funny step-father Chuck, one of the best story tellers of all time will always be remembered. A gift for making a good story even better is always appreciated!
Well, in addition to my moving, Scott and Sara are moving. For their family, this is a new opportunity and I am excited for them. And while both of our families may be changing in certain ways, I feel confident that our friendships will not.
Thank you Scott and Sara for your friendship, and to your families as well.
And if this friendship comes down to taking custody of anyone, I get Chuck.


Polly said...

I remember my mum talking about this when my parents seperated. Its tough huh? Hugs KT.

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