Friday, March 19, 2010

This morning...

I woke up knowing today was the day. I had something BRILLIANT I was going to write about. Something that would get me noticed. Something that would make a publisher or editor somewhere sit upright, snap their fingers and summon an assistant. SOMEONE find this brilliant girl and get her on the horn pronto. I knew what I had to write today was sheer genius.
Only as the day went on I forgot.
Somewhere in the process of loving my kids, enjoying the weather and living life I forgot. Which frustrated me because really, when I woke up I'm not even kidding you, whatever I had to say was great.
But over the course of the day, just being me was OK too. Maybe not brilliant, and maybe not something to make another person jump out of their seat but I will go to bed being loved. And loving.
So, while I may not have anything genius to share I will tell you this. I've come to a decision about lemons.
There are times in life when you feel like someone has handed you a lemon. And you have two choices. Either accept the lemon or ask for a straw to go with it. I'm going to start carrying a pack of sugar so I'm ready...
Who's ready for some lemonade?


Steve said...

When someone hands me a lemon...

On a good day, I'd make iced lemon tea with it.
On a bad day, I'd make long island iced tea with it.

Anonymous said...

Love it. You clever little girl! You really should write a book. I look forward to reading it...So start today! :o) Love you miss you

La Belette Rouge said...

I am sooooo with you. If I didn't have sugar and water and a glass I would be nothing but bitter.

Polly said...

hell yeah - bring on the lemonade.

presious said...

Although I truly like Steve's idea with the Long Island Iced Tea, I have many nights, lately, when I have turned off the light and I lay in the quiet of the darkness, I think about how loved I am to have four beautiful children that are healthy, loved and doing well.

I can totally relate. I forget a lot of things that "seem" important at the time. Our children are far more important.

I like this entry...:-)

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