Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wrapping up my summer wear

Sad to say but true. I prefer fall clothes anyway. The boots, the tights, the pumpkin, brown, grey, eggplant and mustard colors... Anyway, you can't really see in this picture but I am winding down my white shoes for the summer. While back to school shopping I bought the cutest walking shorts at Old Navy for $10.00. I paired them with a black blazer and a polka dot cami from the Limited.

And yes, I realize photography is not my true calling.


Anonymous said...

I am so anxious for fall to get here so I can wear thick tights, boots, and all the warm, rich, yummy colors!

Milly said...

I love this look....I wear this style alot during the summer and into the fall.

Anonymous said...

The long shorts look good on you! What is on your feet? I have a pair of long shorts and I use them as a sub for a pencil skirt. CUTE!

KT said...

Karen, I wore my super good deal Banana Republic shoes.


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