Monday, August 18, 2008

Caroline and the talent show

This past weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to see Caroline's friend Isabelle in a talent show. So we were pretty excited and went to support Isabelle on her big day. As we got into the talent show Caroline started crying because SHE wanted to be in the show. Mind you, all of these kids practiced and had a plan. I took Caroline out in the hall to talk her down but she insisted she wanted to be in it. I asked her what her talent was and she told me she was going to swing her necklace around for everyone. Um, OK. Then I told her to go ask Kimberly, the girl in charge thinking if she has to go ask maybe she will back down. Um, No. She goes and asks, and Kimberly obliges. So Kimberly announces that Caroline is a guest and has a talent to share. Caroline goes up on the stage, twirls her necklace around, announces into the microphone "I can do that because I'm smart" and leaves the stage. Brian and I were stunned silly. Talk about a moment you wish you had your camcorder. BTW- Isabelle did a fantastic job singing her song. Both she and Caroline want to be in another talent show.


Ally said...

"because I'm smart"

She IS :)

KT said...

Can you believe that? We were cracking up. I could not belive she said or did that totally off the cuff.

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