Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am my own worst enemy

I fall for all sorts of things and think most things seem like a good idea. Or something I can't pass up, or don't want someone else beating me to. Case in point, a little postcard that came to me from Sephora recently. Sephora was nice enough to let me know about a great deal they were having on Laura Mercier products. But oh no, the good deal and three free samples were not enough. If I used the promo code I could ALSO get a free Laura Mercier sample sized lipstick. How could I pass this up? I mean really. So I carried my little post card around in my purse waiting for the first day of the promo code deal. And on the day of it DIDN'T WORK. No way was I placing my order and not getting my free lipstick. So I tried again. And again. And then I called Sephora because I was absolutely sure they would be as concerned as I was about my free lipstick. They acknowledged that yes, there was a problem with the promo code but it would be up and running and to try again shortly. Which I did and much to my relief it worked. Whew. And I do love my new products and I always get excited over free samples but the drama I caused myself over the lipstick versus the actual lipstick cracks me up. It is roughly half the size of my pinkie finger. It's actually kind of cute but I am really laughing at myself for thinking I was going to get the better of Sephora on this deal.


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