Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oops I did it again...

Well, it appears that I am in fine form this week. Today, I left for work with no pants on. I thought I was wearing a dress. I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I'm not. I bought a new "dress" recently. I knew I would need to wear it with tights, but it was REALLY cute. The girl at the store offered to sell me the leggings that went well with the outfit, but I said no. (This might be where paying attention to a salesperson might come in handy.) So I left with my new dress. And today, I decided to wear my new "dress." I got dressed and left for work. And you know how sometimes you have a bad feeling? I had a bad feeling I did not look right. My "dress" felt a little short. And I still had the receipt in my purse, so while I was driving I looked at it. Well, I was wearing a tunic and tights. And knee high black boots. Mmmm hmmmm. And I'm already in the car and I was working out of town again. So I stopped into Target to buy a pair of leggings to wear for the day. Amazingly enough I got a compliment on my outfit from two people. Little do they know I started the day pant less and clueless.
Looking forward to the weekend and the much needed facial I have scheduled at Aveda!


WendyB said...


Loving Life said...

LOL! My friend did that before, but unfortuntely for her she was wearing a regular shirt not a tunic and didn't realize until she was already in her car and had to walk all the way back in the house with no pants on!

presious said...

LOL! Now that's a bad day! However, I love the book! He is hilarious! Although I work with preschoolers and two year olds, I can absolutely relate to what he is saying.

I let my daughter read a bit of it. She is in her credential program as we speak, working with kindergardeners. I'm going to purchase the book for her so she can make reference to it frequently. Actually, it's quite a good 'tool' to have when you work with kids!

I can hardly put it down! You definitely got me reading again! :)

Thanks so much!

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