Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flashback to the 80's...

As mentioned, going back home to Indiana is always fun for me. I know my trips there are work related but I try to get a little extra out of them. On this trip I got EXTRA lucky- I got to see two friends from high school, Matt and Wendy. I have not seen these two since 1989! Crazy, right? And yet I had absolutely no problem walking up and recognizing them sitting in a crowded restaurant. You would think after 20 years we would look so different but really, I don't see that any of us has aged drastically. Whew! We graduated in a class with hundreds of people, and we kind of all moved in our own different circles, which came together in their own ways. In high school, Wendy was a cheerleader, I was a journalism buff and Matt was more creative. (I may be crazy, but I think Matt was in swing choir with me at one point, but he can correct me if I'm wrong.) What is interesting to me is that as we are adults, the old barriers are down. No more crazy "high school esteem" or "peer" groups apply. We just sat around, had a few drinks and had a blast. Wendy was telling us how when she is able to run 10 miles, she feels really good. I mentioned that when I get my Volvo to drive 10 miles I feel pretty accomplished as well. Matt is learning to become a stronger runner with Wendy as his trainer. Pretty bummed that I didn't get a picture of our mini reunion, but really, I think we all look the same. Fresh faced and ready to face the world! And ready for our 20 year class reunion in a few months. (A pony keg for the hotel rooms has already been mentioned. Hmmm... I think we are going to rock Fort Wayne once again, kickin' it old school.)
Cheers Matt and Wendy! Looking forward to many more memories together! And a very special thank you to facebook for helping so many old friends reconnect!
*Edited to add- Kimberly, I'm sorry I didn't get to catch up with you. My goal was to be there Sunday by dinner time which turned in to Sunday at bedtime and we had work functions for lunch both days I was there. We may just have to plan another girls trip instead... Heck, I didn't even have a chance to pick up my new ball cap while I was there!
Also, it appears I was correct. Matt and I were in swing choir together. Ahhh, the sweet sounds of Lionel Richie being sung by a bunch of pre-pubescent kids from Indiana.


presious said...


That is great that you were able to reconnect with so many memories. I think it's awesome. Somehow, when we can go back to our past, and find it still intact, it's like our lives have not fallen apart or faded away.

Sometimes, when I go back home, and I see business, neighborhoods, parks, etc. still in the same place and doing well, it makes me feel that life is really "ok". For me, it's like sense of being "whole".

You are very fortunate to have such an experience :). I am absolutely thrilled for you.

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