Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I learned in kindergarten...

Not sure if I've talked about this one too much, but we decided to enroll Caroline in Catholic school for kindergarten. I wish I could say this was based on a religious choice, but it was made on a practical decision. (We just happen to be Catholic and therefore qualify for the "Catholic" rate on tuition.) In our area, kindergarten is a half day program, which really is about 2 hours per day. As a working mother, that means I still need to pay a daycare almost $200 per week to watch my child after school. No way Jose! (Nothing personal to any of the Jose's of the world) At the Catholic school, she can go all day and get a very good educational as well as early religious experience. IE: They take her to church so we don't have to! Well, one of the "perks" is the Catholic Times which comes out weekly. And as we all know, I am a reader and will subject my eyes to just about anything in print offered to me. So as I was perusing the Catholic Times, I learned the following:
Why do some churches offer Saturday night mass?
*For those of you like me, it appears this is not really a "sinners mass" for those people who will be too drunk or hungover to get there Sunday morning.
Jewish tradition believes the celebration begins Saturday evening. Following this practice, the church allows solemn liturgical celebrations to begin after 4 p.m. on Saturday. This allows you to fulfill your obligation for Sunday mass on Saturday evening as they are all part of the same celebration.
Interesting. And here I thought it was because people are still doing the walk of shame home on Sunday morning after Saturday night. I guess you really do learn something new every day.


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