Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinner made easy!

Thank you Super Suppers! I am always, always thankful for an easy recipe or simple way to feed my family. If you've never been to Super Suppers, this is the way to go! You can either go pick up a pre-made ready to go meal (all you need to do is heat it) or you can go and "assemble" a meal (or several) from the current menu offerings. Trust me, I've done the cost analysis on this and by the time I buy the ingredients, plus spend my time chopping and measuring everything out you come out ahead. And, the menu offerings are not items I would know how to make on my own anyway. So, whats for supper tonight at my house? Ravioli Ole! Yum!


Sara said...

We have something similar here, SupperThyme. BEST.THING.EVER! We would starve to death if it weren't for that place.

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