Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How NOT to conduct a job interview...

True story.

I have been out of town A LOT lately for work. And at one of my sites, we have been interviewing for a new employee. So, as I interview I always try to remember that as much as I am interviewing them, they are interviewing me as well.

*Is this a person I would want to work for?

*Is this someone I can respect? Trust them for leadership?

*Does this person set the standard for this company?

Well, I had an interview first thing Monday morning, and it is about an hour drive to get to the site I was interviewing at. I got there about a half an hour before the scheduled interview, allowing myself enough time to look over their resume and other paperwork. The person interviewing was a little ahead of schedule. Better to be early than late. Well, I needed to use the restroom after my drive, so I introduced myself to the candidate, shook their hand and let them know I would be with them in a minute.

I then proceeded to go to the restroom, which is off of a hallway in our building. After I came out, I realized I had locked myself into the hallway in the back of the building. I was not about to knock to get let back in. No way, no how. I opted to go out the back door of the building, walk around and let myself back in the front door where the applicant was sitting. Well, there are a bunch of windows and everyone saw what I had done. Great. So much for my good game face.


ShopKim said...

That's kind of funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time. The best you can do at that point is just laugh at yourself!

WendyB said...

LOL!!! Oh dear.

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