Thursday, September 17, 2009

Signs you need to get a life...

1) You think going to the National Book Festival sounds SO FUN!
2) You spend weeks researching hotels, places to eat, and authors
3) You call the toll free number to make sure you have your details right so you don't miss any of the fun.
4) You print out the map of the festival and start hi-liting it according to where you need to be at what times to get your books signed and hear your authors speak.

I'm not even joking. Tomorrow I will feature my final selections detailing my plans to meet and greet all of the authors I admire. Hint to Judy Blume: Here I come.....


presious said...


Good for you! Hopefully, I will begin to enjoy reading again. Or should I say, develop the time to read with my schedule :). I do miss it sometimes. :)

Have fun and get an autograph.

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