Monday, September 21, 2009

Indiana bound!

I'm headed to Indianapolis for work for a few days. And I have to tell you, I get so excited when this happens because anytime I am in Indiana, it feels like home. I have not lived in Indiana for about 18 years now, but it still feels great to be there! I'm even considering buying a new ballcap while I'm there. The old one (that got me kicked out of the roller rink) is a bit on the rough side and most likely should be replaced. Hmmm... we'll see. And after I wrap up this whirlwind week of travel (Hello, DC! I'll be there next weekend!) I might want to consider doing something about my arms. OK, and maybe the rest of me. Wow am I looking quite beefy. Good thing ball caps fit all sizes!

And just in case you're wondering, three of my all time favorite Hoosiers are...

Kimberly at Fab Finds Under 50, John Mellencamp and Bobby Knight. And those are in no particular order.

Happy Monday!
Oh yeah- My outfit is 100% Talbots. 'Cause I'm racy like that.


ShopKim said...

You look great! Have a fun time too.

presious said...


I don't know what you are talking bout "beefy". You look very good! You sound so excited :). Have fun and get that cap, keep the old on for memories sake!


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