Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I'm loving this Wednesday...

1) The fact that it is Wednesday.
2) - I've been in love with Endless for a few years now. Why? Other than the fact that they send me shoes when I give them my card number, I have a few others:

  • They ship overnight. FOR FREE. I can decide as late as 7:00 p.m. that I NEED a new pair of shoes for the next day and they will get them there for me. I've never had a glitch.
  • Price guarantee
  • Gifts. Oh yes, they sent me Godiva chocolates one holiday season and at the beginning of spring they sent a mini pedicure set from L'Occitane.
  • Easy as pie site to navigate. Narrow down by color? Easy. Size. Easy. Price. Easy.
  • And check this out- My new #1 reason to love The free magazine deal. So, occasionally Endless has this deal where when you order shoes you can get a free one year subscription to a choice of several magazines. But, I just found out today that if you choose to not get the magazine, you can fill out a form and they will send you $12.00 instead. Thank you Endless!!!

3) Banana Republic- Again, great customer service is my thing. I placed an order on Sunday and it was at my house when I got home Tuesday. (But those devils got me- I have a coupon good TODAY ONLY for 40% off one item. What to choose what to choose???)

4) E-bates. If you shop online and are not using ebates you are NUTS. It's FREE, so easy to use and again, gives you MONEY BACK. Nordstrom, Banana Republic, J Crew, Kate Spade, Target... You name it, they participate in the ebates program. And if you are not signed up yet, do so and you can choose from a selection of free gift cards. It's a win-win situation! Heck, even Enterprise car rentals participates in ebates. If you need convincing on this one, let me know.

5) Caroline. My little stinker. She is "adjusting" to kindergarten. She has been "in the doghouse" a couple of times already. We had a little talk about that last night, and her response was "Everyone is going to wind up in the dog house at some point." I guess she's got the statistics of it down pat. Thanks, Caroline.


Christina said...

OBSESSED with ebates!!! Best site ever!!!

La Belette Rouge said...

1. The fact that Wednesday is almost over.
2. The fact that I just learned about Endless.
3.I LOVE Ebates!
4. Hey, I didn't get the coupon.:-(
5. Lily got in the doghouse for barking at a skateboarder. I need to stop this behavior.

presious said...


I'm not a big shopper because I don't have the financial freedom to do so. However, I love purses! That is an awesome sight! I can really get myself into trouble. Once I started drooling, I thought I had been get out of there before I do damage....LOL!

Loved L'Occitaine! I am truly a girlie girl when it comes to bath and body products. Looking at them, I can just feel the effects of putting on the lotions and taking a bath! Thanks a for the suggestion :)

As for your little, sweet stinker, she will be ok in! Sounds like simple consequences make it easy for her to do things differently :).

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