Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For real. How glad am I that it's Wednesday? Two more days left in the work week, and then a slight break.

Here's a quick re-cap of the "Has happened" and the "What will happen"

  • Monday birthday- Thank you to all bloggy pals and facebook friends for the nice birthday wishes and greetings. Feeling like a Debbie Downer for answering people kind enough to ask how the day was in the following fashion: "It was fine. You know, there is no real glory or excitement in turning 38. Talk to me at 40 or 50, or ask me about 21." Maybe I should have been more gracious and said it was awesome. Hmmmm..... Well, a birthday is a birthday so again, thank you all for the kindness.

  • Melrose Place- Week Two. I enjoyed it just as much as last week. Really, I'm check it out.

  • It's picture week at school. Every day Caroline tries to talk me into wearing her new dress she picked out. Thankfully picture day is tomorrow and she can finally wear the dress.

  • Got invited by my friend Trinette to the premier of the movie Fame next week. Again, general excitement in my world. I've been looking forward to the movie as I loved the tv show. I did threaten to wear a leotard and leg warmers. And you gotta love Trinette, because I know she wouldn't even bat an eye if I did.

  • Leaving for Indianapolis for work on Sunday. And if you've followed the saga/woes/drama of my Volvo, you'll know that it has no working stereo. Now, I'm actually getting used to driving around in the sounds of silence but the concern is poor Heidi who is driving with me. Oh man does she have another thing coming. Three hours in the Volvo. (Insert evil laugh sound...)

  • And a week from Friday, the icing on the proverbial cake: The National Book Festival in DC. For real, do you KNOW how excited I am? If you are at all curious as to what I will be doing this weekend I will be printing out the map of the festival and marking down the authors I want to see/meet along with their time tables so I can fit it all in. Yeah. 'Cause that's how I roll...

  • Lastly- How pretty is Tessa. A chip off the old block.


Kimberly said...

Indy? Will you have any free time for a drink with your fav Indy Blogger (aka me)?

ShopKim said...

She's beautiful and has amazing hair!

Have fun on your trip(s)!

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