Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly wrap up...

1) Have limited myself to one Pepsi per day, and have totally nixed Iced Chai Tea Latte.
2) Have developed a raging crush on Mike Tomlin.
3) Caroline accused her goldfish Goldie of staring at her.
4) Have decided I am in love with Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara.
5) Sat back and relaxed as Tessa completely and totally assembled Caroline's new bed on her own. Thank you Tessa! (Tessa is the go-to-girl for all things requiring assembly at our house.)
6) Watched the new Melrose Place. Actually liked it and am looking forward to next week.
7) Watched 4 episodes of Cake Boss. Hooked. Can't get enough of it. Maybe I have a crush on Buddy now too.

Happy Friday!
*Update- Goldie passed away. I swear, Caroline had nothing to do with this. We could tell she was not feeling well. RIP Goldie.


jill said...

Aaaaw. Sorry about Goldie.

ShopKim said...

So I laughed that the fish was staring at her and then felt totally guilty when I finished reading! Sorry about the fishy. Good choice on Tomlin too!! GO STEELERS!

La Belette Rouge said...

Now you did it, now I need to try Anastasia.
So sorry to hear about Goldie. RIP,Goldie.
Have a lovely weekend!xoxo

presious said...

The gold fish staring is hilarious, like it can really help it!!

Really sorry to hear about Goldie. I've been through that. Can be very difficult. I still miss Braxton. He was a true trooper of a dog friend. I cried more for him than I did for my own that horrible?

WendyB said...

Perhaps Goldie was staring at her willing her to "SAVE MY LIFE! I'M SICK!"

Separately, I've told Christian that when you come to visit, you get to sniff him. He's excited.

Sara said...

Why in the world would you want to give up Starbucks? That's crazy talk!

Polly said...

awwww poor Goldie.

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