Monday, October 27, 2008

Who is right, who is wrong?

Let me tell you this stuff just isn't going to unpack all on it's own. Brian was out of town last week and returned on Thursday. Let me remind you that in his absence I worked a full time job, raised kids, kept a house clean and looked after a dog. So upon returning home Thursday (at lunchtime) Brian placed his suitcase on the bedroom floor. And it still remains there. On Monday night, and Brian is in bed. My guess is that he is not taking a cat nap with the intent of putting this stuff away later tonight. I give this suitcase until Thursday before it moves. I feel pretty confident about that. So my question to you is
1) At what point do you give up and do the unpacking
2) Do you just ignore it as he does?
3) At what point do you have a meltdown about being taken for granted and hurl the suitcase at his head?
I'm only curious because I am intrigued by the way other people handle their own home lives. So speak up and be heard!
*As an add on to this, I have to tell you my way to handle this problem, and I know Brian would agree- I will leave it there. And I will hope it stays there as long as possible. So that when I need to, I can bust out with "Remember when your suitcase sat there for "X" number of days?" This type of scenario comes in handy when I do something that irritates Brian, or just feel grumpy and want something to gripe about.


Karen said...

My husband travels all the time and sometimes he just leaves that suitcase open after a trip for another week! I never touch it or say anything, as long as it is on his side of the room. If people are coming over or if the cleaning ladies come, I just move it into his closet!

Ally said...

I'm too mortified to post it publicly, but I'll email you pictures of our "dining room" and hallway. I *might* send pics of the basement. Those are the "pick your battles, Allison" areas. Al's a slob and I've given up.

I'd just let it sit and when he doesn't have anything clean to wear, then it'll be his own damn fault.

Kimberly said...

Dave & I are very 50/50 when it comes to the "chores" (well, maybe more like 65/35 with him doing the majority). We each do our own laundry and have seperate closets, so honestly I would let his suitcase sit there forever. I might move it to a hidden spot if people were coming over, but no way would I unpack for him.

V said...

I think I might be like your husband! My bf, Andre, is the neat and clean freak. I still have a suitcase sitting on the floor from about 3 weeks ago! I'll get to it, I'll get to it...I would let it sit there.

Hillary said...

We are still adjusting to married life and living together, it's funny to read little things like this though. I think I saw your dilema on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond once...

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