Friday, October 17, 2008

Pimp My Ride, Mom-style

This is the broken headlight that has clear tape as a quick fix
This is how close I sit to the steering wheel due to the fact that the seat won't move back or forth anymore.

Tessa and I are longtime fans of the show Pimp My Ride. Our Volvo has given us lots of reasons to want to just turn our car over to Xzibit and let him have his way with it. I know I've blogged about the Volvo and it's many quirks before, but after seeing this video from my friend Sara I felt compelled to share more of the shame of the Volvo. And yes, I know I should get a new car but I am driving this car until the bottom or sides pop off at some point. And yes, (Brian) I know it is ridiculous that my car is in this condition but I am a mom. A mom who works full time, drives 2 kids around, has a life and could really care less about my car looking like this. Have you ever tried to drive kids around and keep them happy and occupied in the car? Anyway, again... check out the video, it's pretty amusing. Also, I wanted to share with you the perfect song to sum up my driving experience each day.


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