Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hump Day

So, on Monday Brian asked me what I wanted to do this weekend. ON MONDAY! I can barely think about Tuesday let alone the weekend. When I mentioned this to him he told me that it had seemed like a long week already. Again, this was on MONDAY. So here we are mid week and like Brian, I am so ready for the weekend. Why? Well, three things are on my radar which I am pretty excited about.
1) Beverly Hills Chihuahua comes out. You can say I have no life, but I can't even watch the previews of this without laughing and I'm pretty excited to take the kids to see it.
2) Curious George is coming to Barnes and Noble. Now this one may or not be a hit. Last time I tried this it was with Clifford the Big Red Dog and Caroline was pretty quick to point out that it was just a costume character. She even had us sit at the bottom of the escalator at Barnes and Noble waiting to see him come back down in street clothes after he changed. I'm still looking forward to taking her.
3) Ohio State plays Wisconsin at Wisconsin. Yes, I am a Buckeye but how can you not love a school that gets everyone to participate in a Jump Around?
Other Wednesday news, my friend Athanasia had her third baby today. Finally a little boy! Congrats Athanasia and Jaime! And this one is for my sister-in-law Jessica:
Hey Jessica, supper's on. That's right, it's another Crock Pot day. Easy and yummy Honey Ribs.


Jessica said...

I can't wait to try it!

E said...

Mmm those ribs loko gooood.

Hey Sexy Lady! I love your outfit. EVERYTHING about it.

Anonymous said...

KT, I love hearing about what you do in Ohio. I LOVE crock recipes and will check out this one. The best ones come out of middle America, ya know!

Hillary said...

Honey, those ribs sound gooood! Love the oufit and love how I'm always rockin to the music when I visit your page.

Anonymous said...

You have got to let me know how BH Chihuahua is! I am shopping/lunching/movie-going with my mom and aunt tomorrow and we were joking that we need to see that movie since all three of us have Chihuahuas.

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