Sunday, October 12, 2008

Whiter teeth, a good read and a great sale

I'm not sure how those things go together, but they are the items I want to mention today.

1) The Aquafresh Tooth Whitening System- I'm usually a little skeptical of DIY tooth whiteners but I decided to give this one a shot. It's pretty impressive actually. After using it for three days my husband mentioned that my teeth looked whiter. Thanks Brian!

2) The Saturday Wife by Naomi Regan- I really enjoyed reading this.

3) Talbots sale- So, I stopped in last night and picked up a few items at really great prices. Also, my friend Traci gave me this promo code - 023354399-for an extra 20% off online and free shipping. The offer is only good through October 13th. Thanks Traci!


Karen said...

KT, did the Aquafresh hurt your teeth at all? I am so sensitive, but like to keep my smile bright. And now I'm looking for really cheap thrills!

KT said...

Karen, My teeth are usually pretty sensitive but these have not bothered me. The mouth trays are a bit annoying but for the price and results I like it!

Karen said...

I did Brite Smile last year and I never had such bad pain in my life! I was literally getting shocks of pain throughout my mouth for days...I had to get a Vicodin prescription it got so severed. My teeth are fine now, but once bit, twice shy. Don't do Brite Smile unless you have an extreme tolerance for pain!

KT said...

Karen, I did Zoom whitening a few years ago. My dentist forewarned me about the pain I might experience but I think what saved me was that I had just given birth a few weeks prior so there wasn't much else that could seem uncomfortable at that point!

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