Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Blog Love...

Well, well well... I got another blog award. I have to say this amuses me and makes me excited for several reasons.

1) I started the blog as a joke after my friend Jordan made a blog and I was like "So, I can too."

2) I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs (OPB) and interacting with them. I never thought people (Other than my daughter who I admit to pushing her to comment at times) would read this, or even get my sense of humor.

So this is nice. Other than knowing anyone else reads this and gets anything out of it from shopping hints to recipes to just a laugh on an ordinary day is nice. But one of the nicest compliments came from my husband recently who told me he read my blog and he can see where people would like it. Thanks B! (From here on out Brian will be known as "Big Money" which is what Caroline has taken to calling him recently.)

Any-whoo... I am supposed to pass a little blog love on to seven other people. So here goes:

1) Jordan- Without you I would have no blog

2) Traci- Your blog may be private but I am thankful your recipes are not

3) Girl in the City- You come up with some of the cutest looks ever

4) My Wardrobe Today- I admire you for taking pictures throughout your pregnancy. I let my drivers license expire during my 1st pregnancy just so I could avoid having my pic taken.

5) Christina's Favorite Things- Without you I would not have known about Sopapilla Cheesecake. I may not know you but I am indebted to you.

6) Erin- Just read her blog. You'll totally understand the word adorable afterwards.

I know I'm supposed to do seven but this way everyone gets to mentally add their own favorite blog to the list. Now, I'm off to build a shelf for my budding group of awards. And thank you Denise for the kind award!


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