Monday, October 6, 2008

More of this momma's drama...

So as I was leaving work Friday I got a call that Caroline fell off the monkey bars at school and her front tooth was knocked loose as well as having split her lip. They assured me she wasn't crying, but I sure was! I spoke with the dentist, made an appointment for Monday and went to get her. Knowing all the while that my heart was broken and I would do anything for her to make it better. So I picked her up and let me tell you, she knows how to milk it. "It" being me, or any situation she can turn around to her advantage. Yes, her tooth is loose and the lip looks pretty bad but she is fine. But she asked me to take her to McDonalds, since she hurt her tooth. And I did. And I took her to Old Navy and she got new jammies, tights, dresses and shoes. And then she mentioned the tooth fairy. Now, the tooth didn't fall out but she was so excited at the prospect of the tooth fairy that I knew I would comply, especially as she was being so brave. She also got to sleep in bed with us, since her tooth hurt. So around 9:30 I made the trek to Target to get a gift from the tooth fairy. Let me tell you, I know I made more fuss than need be but she was such a trooper and she was so excited about the tooth fairy! The look on her face when she woke up to a gift on the pillow from the tooth fairy was well worth it!


Ally said...

That's so sweet. Just don't teach her to drive anytime soon! ;)

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