Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Sunday was an AWESOME day! I got loads of housework done, got a pedicure, started a new book and had friends over for dinner. So... where to begin? It was a bit of a rough week so I decided I would reward myself with a pedicure and I really, really wanted purple polish and white polka dots. How chipper is that? So I did it. The girl at Aveda asked me what the occasion was. Uh, me? Then I started reading a book called Good Indian Wife. I am loving this book. It is really an enjoyable read. Then, to cap off such a nice weekend our friends Jordan and Jeremy came over for dinner with their daughter Adalynn. Adalynn is a cutie but does not like Brian one bit, and it's kind of funny. She just ignores him like he isn't even there. Anyway, dinner was nice but the best part was the appetizer. We made Jalapeno Poppers, which we were introduced to by our friends Jeff and Gretchen. Even if you don't like hot stuff, these are great. You take a jalapeno, slice it in half, clean out the inside and fill it with cream cheese. Then, you wrap bacon around it and grill. They take about 20-25 minutes to grill, but the longer you grill them the more mild they get. Yum!


Leslie said...

Super cute toes! And those poppers sound sooooo good! I love them but have never made like that--Im going to try it out. And your song made me laugh. This past Saturday I was in Marshalls with my mom and this song was on in the fitting room and Mom said "Oh my gosh, do you remember how you used to play this song ALL THE TIME?!?!?!" Loved Ace of Base!

Hillary said...

Yum, I love those poppers. The book sounds really good. I may have to check that out soon.

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