Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me VS the NYSE

As a good citizen I am very concerned about the economy and doing my share. And not to be selfish but I am concerned about the welfare of my family. Now, Brian and I are a little different when it comes to our views on making/saving/spending money. Brian is a big fan of the first two of those items, I lean a little towards item #3. But I am pretty sure I have come up with a foolproof idea of how to beat the stock market and keep my families finances in place.
1) Let's say Brian wants to invest $1,000 in the market. If the market or Brian's stock of choice goes down, he loses money. He is unhappy and I am empty-handed.
2) If Brian would just give me $200 I could buy myself something AWESOME, keep the economy going and Brian would still be $800.00 ahead. This is what I call a win/win situation.
Now all I need to do is score an interview with Brian's Money Honey Becky Quick from CNBC so I can officially go on the record with my plan!


workthatwardrobe said...

If only women ruled the (financial) world we wouldn't be in this mess!
KT for President!

E said...

Hahahaha Oh, Katie. I got nothin' but love for you darlin'.

Liza said...

hehe, love this idea, I am all for it! I want in too but good luck convincing MY husband of the plan's merits! ;)

Jamie said...

That is THE BEST idea! I am still cracking up, that is so cute!

Hillary said...

Omg, you are too funny! I am in the same boat as you...trying to do my part to help boost the economy :-) We gotta do what we gotta do!

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