Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lucky girl, Lucky Charms

Again, I am about the luckiest girl in the world! Yesterday I was boo-hooing about not having any electricity or food, as we lost all of ours in the power outage. The lines to get even fast food were so long, and a lot of the grocery stores were closed or had to clear their shelves of refrigerated goods. My friend Jordan saved the day today and brought me a box of Lucky Charms and milk to my office today. This was all I wanted for dinner last night. No joke. How nice is she? And really, how did I ever wind up with such nice friends?


Leslie said...

OMG I love Lucky Charms! In fact Im having a bowl for a late dinner as I type this!

workthatwardrobe said...

I don't think there is anything strange about having great friends. Like attracts like.
I remember the only meal I wanted after giving birth to my daughter (at home) was a bowl of Frosties and Ice Cold Milk. I had about three!

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