Saturday, September 6, 2008

Toronto Day 3

We're a little pooped today. We got in around 3:30 this morning from the Entourage party at Brant House last night. It was crazy fun! Then today we woke up and went and saw Dean Spanley, which was amazingly good. Tonight we are going to a party for the release of Nick and Nora's Sountrack, and I also have a ticket to go see the film tomorrow morning at 9:30. Great plan, eh? The best news is that I had another Caesar drink today, and this one was a deluxe with a little shish-kabob on top! Love it!!! For fun, I've included a picture of the hand dryer from the place where we had lunch. I thought it was just a funny sign until I actually used the thing. Talk about powerful! I thought the skin on my hands was going to blow right off!


Jordan and Jeremy said...

i am so incredibly jealous right now! well just plan a west coast run for one of these days. it will be a blast! while you were playing in toronto-i was cuddeling up to a Midnight Sun and drooling over Edward Cullen. I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!

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