Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet surprise!

So, imagine my surprise when I got home to quite a nice little surprise from Kimberly! I am telling you, that girl is too nice! She MADE the cutest shoe bags for me for my trip to Toronto. I mean, serisouly, how nice is that? They have cute little drawstrings and the cutest bright colors. I know how to make NOTHING, so let me tell you I am way impressed by both her kindness and skills! Thank you thank you thank you Kimberly!


E said...

That girl just blows my freaking mind. How sweet!!!

Kimberly said...

I love how you posted a "modeling" shot (those little green shoes are super cute, by the way!). Sorry they didn't reach you in time for your trip to Toronto, but I am sure you will be off on another trip soon.

Ally said...


Kimberly, you rock.

KT - I want those flats.

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