Friday, September 12, 2008

Look at what my talented friends made me!

I really, really am a lucky girl this week. My week of amazingness started off with my oh-so-cute shoebags from Kimberly. Then, my luck rolled on with roses from Brian, then, getting even more lucky my husband filled my car up with gas. That alone is am amazing feat because the seat on my car is broken and stuck in one spot so anyone over 5'3" has a heck of a time sitting in the drivers seat. I got to play Bunco twice this week, which is always fun, and yesterday my friends Brittney and Traci came into my office with an early birthday present they made for me. Now let me tell you that being friends with these girls is sometimes a daunting task because they know how to do and make EVERYTHING. And I know how to do almost nothing except shop online. I show up at baby showers, birthdays, whatever and everyone has all of these amazing gifts they MADE that are really nice and not crap you shove in your closet after they have left. No, it's really nice, cute and well thought out. Then I show up with "Here's your crappy gift I bought at Target." So anyway, they MADE this for me and I LOVE IT! I really went home looking for the exact special place where I want to put it and I haven't told Brian yet but I am envisioning an area upstairs in our house where I'm going to paint a hot pink accent area to hang this little gem. Thank you girls, I LOVE IT!


Milly said...

its so cute

Kimberly said...

I love that quote ~ it is so fantastically perfect!

workthatwardrobe said...

You have such nice friends. I love reading about your life.

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