Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Planes trains and automobiles

So, tomorrow we leave for our girl outing to the Toronto Film Festival. This is kind of like New York for me where I come home and get asked "What did you see?" The answer is: Stores. Lots of them. Bars. Lots of them. As many times as I've been to New York I've never seen the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building or anything I guess I should see. But I sure can get myself to Zara, Bliss Spa, Tao and Century 21. Last year we came home from the film festival not having seen one film, but we sure had a great time! We saw Jake Gyllenhall and a bunch of other people, got our name on a movie studio party list and shoppped like mad women! Plus, we drive to the border and then take the train into Toronto so it's pretty fun. There may not be any planes involved in the story but I thought it was a cute title and goes pretty well with this video clip of what happens when people travel together! Poor Kathy had to wake up to me last year still in my clothes from the night before!


workthatwardrobe said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead. Enjoy!

Ally said...

As a remind to whomever is sharing a bed w/me in December...You'll get spooned so please wear pants.

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