Monday, July 6, 2009

Lesson learned...

It is a KNOWN FACT that I am TERRIBLE about listening to voice mail. TERRIBLE. A few years ago we decided not to have a home phone anymore (my entire family hates talking on the phone and we never answered it) as well all have cell phones. At home, it is difficult to get time without interruption to talk on the phone, so most of my phone conversations happen in the car, but again, I do not travel alone very often and therefore really, really enjoy my quiet time, which is really time spent listening to Boom Boom Pow as loudly as you can in a 2001 Volvo with no working CD player.
Well, in addition to ruling out a home phone, I also made a "rule" at work that cell phones were not for the office. Call me crazy, but I am in a customer service oriented business and listening to crazy ring tones blaring from desk drawers while helping someone makes me NUTS IN MY HEAD. And if I make a rule, I try to follow the rule.
Which brings me to the fact that unless you call me at work, good luck Chuck getting a hold of me or finding me around a phone which will get answered.
Guess who learned their lesson today? THIS GIRL.
Did you by any chance catch the last post where I mentioned that my neighbor found my car keys and brought them over to the babysitter? Yeah, that would be my truly great neighbor Bob. Only Bob did not actually LEAVE the keys with the sitter. He does not know her or feel comfortable leaving keys with her even though she is inside of a home with my child on a daily basis. No, it appears he LEFT A MESSAGE on my phone that he came over to TELL the sitter he had my keys and I should come over for them. Just in case someone else lost their keys in front of his house and also had a VOLVO key stamped VOLVO right in front of the house 100 feet away from my house where my VOLVO is usually parked. And apparently Bob has a time frame (which equates to less than 6 hours) to get a return call before he takes action. As I did not return the call within the 6 hour time span Bob started to doubt that those were my keys after all so he drove them over to the US Post Office and mailed them to the Kroger headquarters. Why the Kroger headquarters? Because I had my Kroger shoppers tag on the keyring and after calling Kroger they told Bob to mail the keys to them and they would find the customer and mail the keys directly to them.
How long until I get my keys you might ask? Two to five weeks. This is the same set of keys I left at Krogers a few weeks ago and had to go back for!
Moral(s) of the story:
*Return your calls within 6 hours
*Be thankful for thorough neighbors
*Have a backup set of keys handy at all times
*Shop at Kroger
*Don't drink in your yard and lose your keys


presious said...


That's a hard way to learn a lesson!! However, being that you work in such an environment, I can totally, totally understand your reasoning. It's kind of like the contractor who works on everyone else's house while his house looks like a shack!

I'm not sure how you will work this one out, but you will...somehow ...:)


Sara said...

That is pretty darn funny! I mean who wouldn't think it's okay to leave the keys with the person who is watching YOUR CHILD? Especially if you left a vm saying, hey I left the keys with the sitter. That dude clearly has a bit too much time on his hands!
And perhaps a few too many drunk neighbors who drive Volvos and could have possibly dropped their keys in his yard.

Ally said...

I've gotten to where I leave you a voicemail just b/c I know you hate checking it. :)

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