Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beyonce and The Wedding Crashers

So.... Beyonce with my friend Joe who is a true trooper. A day/night in review:
1) Any person willing to spend several hours in a car with me is good people.
2) Any person willing to travel in the Volvo is really, really good people. (If you're new and have missed the saga/drama of the Volvo, I can't even begin to tell you, trust me, it's bad.)
3) Columbus-Detroit. Should be three hours. Right? Wrong. An entire section of 75 is closed and since Detroit is broke/shut-down/disorganized/depressing there is no proper signage re-routing you. You do, however get a nice trip along 8 Mile Road.
4) Joe had never been to Detroit. I knew things were bad when we get re-routed down 8 Mile. Nothing good happens on 8 Mile.
5) Need proof that nothing good happens on 8 Mile? Have you ever known Eminem to rap about good stuff? 'Nuff said yo.
6) Four hours into it thanks to traffic and craptastic re-routing we get to our final destination.
7) Beyonce was good. Loved the butt bow outfit from the opening of the show. Need a butt bow.
8) After the concert it was hard finding something to do. Katie + Joe in what equates to Pontiac Michigan on a Saturday night= Not a good or very safe idea to go rolling around in uncharted territory.
9) Got back to the hotel and discovered what appeared to be a very kickin' wedding reception.
10) Debated for about two minutes before we decided to crash the reception.
11) Got to hang out (ok- crash the dance floor) for about two songs before the bride herself approached us and asked "I'm sorry, do I know you?"
12) Answered honestly "No"
13) Left when asked to.

Thank you Beyonce and Joe for a good time.


Hillary said...

Wow, I really love how you ended the night with a wedding crash. Classic!

Polly said...

Nice ending to the evening - but if I was the bride I surely would have asked you to stay and shown you where the bar was!!

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