Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katie and Joe take on Beyonce, PCD and Britney

Sometimes, the kindness of other people just amazes me. When Joe and I went to see Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears we were SO disappointed that we had not taken a camera. It was especially disappointing as we were four rows back from the stage. There were two people next to us that we asked to please email us their pictures if they didn't mind, and they said they would. Joe gave them his card, as it had his email address on it. And guess what? They took it one step further and mailed a cd with hundreds of awesome pics from the show. It made it all the more fun to see all of the amazing pictures they sent us! Thank you Patrick and Rodney!!! When we got to Beyonce, we were not about to make the same mistake twice. We did get nervous because on the day of the show I got a call telling me that the Detroit venue was hardcore about cameras and not to expect to get one in. We decided that we would take our chances and Joe was able to get his camera in. The bad news: My aerosol hairspray got confiscated. Don't ask why I took my ginormous can of aerosol hairspray to a concert. I just did. What did they think I was going to do? Ask Beyonce if I could do her hair?
Anyway, here are some of the amazing pics we got from the two shows. Awesome, right?


Polly said...

Awesome awesome awesome.

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