Friday, July 24, 2009


If you actually know me, or have the slightest inkling of my true personality from reading my blog, you will know that I am very....effusive. I truly think that may be one of the best ways to describe myself. I am not very self contained or very good at "playing it cool." I tend to gush with enthusiasm and trip over myself with questions and answers in quick succession. Which has landed me in a bit of a quandary as of late.
To "poke" or not to "poke"
To "chat" or not to "chat"
I logon to my email or facebook and there you are staring me in the face as "available." It is VERY hard for a girl like me to pass up that temptation. OF COURSE I want to barge in on your online time to say "hello" Oh, I'm sorry, we don't really know one another? But of course we do. I've emailed you at some point, or have been accepted by you as a friend on facebook. So why can't I? Or can I? What are the freaking rules? I could not just show up at your door and step into your living room uninvited so can I really just pop up on your screen? And the problem is I CAN SEE YOU. I know you are there. I am DYING to say hello. I feel like a kid at a middle school dance watching you watching me waiting for one of us to make the first move.
For real, what's a social girl to do?


Ally said...

I know, right? It bugs me too. I never was (and still aren't) the cool girl so I always feel like I'm on the outside looking in.

You can stalk me all you want but I think we already do stalk each other as much as the law allows. :)

Hillary said...

Ahhh this is a good post. I am one of those people who shy away from chatting or IM'ing online, but I do have a reason... I am a slower typer. Basically I look at all the keys and peck using 2 fingers. This is not ideal for the chatting or IM'ing. I once had a friend ask me a question on IM. While I was typing an answer to the first question, 6 more questions popped up. I was so stressed!

However, if you do see me online, please by all means drop me a line. I'll just be slow on the answer :-)

Sara said...

Too funny! You can accost me on my computer screen anytime!

Polly said...

Im always on for a chat!!! (And if I don't have time I just say so!)

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