Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's not me, it's you

I think I noticed this book when I was scrolling through the Barnes and Noble website looking for something to read. I'm usually drawn to books about slightly unhinged people. Not sure why... Moving right along, let me tell you this book was almost/just this close to being as funny as Chelsea Handlers books. Chelsea's books are a touch more raunchy but I have to say, it's not me, it's you by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor was right up there for me. Funny, funny, witty stuff.

*Karen W- I would suggest this book for sure. But in absolutely no way would I suggest sharing it with your mother! But it will make you giggle out loud a few times!
Next up: Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. So far I am really enjoying it.
*If anyone wants to borrow a copy of either of these let me know. I do realize I still need to mail your book to you Shop Kim. I have been a wee bit delinquent! I'll get it out by the weekend, I promise!


La Belette Rouge said...

Adding it to my list. I like books that I wouldn't want to share with my mother.

ShopKim said...

Not a problem at all! I just got back from vacation and still have a few ones that I borrowed from my Mom. I'm just loving all the suggestions!

Kimberly said...

Definitely need to read. I adore the Chelsea Handler books, and I am with you - reading about unhinged people is good for the soul - forget that Chicken Soul crap!

Polly said...

oh yep im all for not sharing with my mum!

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