Friday, July 31, 2009

It's the weekend yo!

Finally! Whew! It's Friday!
So, I walked out of my office in Columbus on Tuesday and have not been back in it since. Spent the rest of the week working at another site out of town, which I did not expect. After logging many hours driving this week, I really, really feel the need for an Ipod touch and the handy dandy little device which will allow me to play the Ipod through my car. Especially as it looks as if I will now be driving to Missouri next weekend to visit Jordan. Hmmm.... will I make it through the weekend without making the big purchase? I'm wavering here people....
Want a bit of a recap of my week? Sure you do. I'll just give you the highlights:
Wednesday morning: Met the person I want to be. Vicki Bowen, the director of the Columbus affiliate for Dress for Success. Vicki and I share a background in property management, which was nice but she is just above and beyond anything else an amazing person with a vision for the Dress for Success program. I spent the rest of my day thinking about how lucky I was to have encountered her and how I can find a way to be a part of her program.
Friday night- Date night with Tessa. Went to go see The Ugly Truth. Mothers and daughters may not always see eye to eye but Tessa and I were able to agree that Gerard Butler is a very, very good looking man.
Saturday- I am very lucky, and very much looking forward to attending my friend Ashley's baby shower. I met Ashley through work and just adore her. She is witty and self deprecating, both qualities I admire in a person. As I've mentioned before, I get to meet many people in my job and get to share many fun events in their lives. It is always an honor to me to be included in the exciting events of people's lives, and Ashley's baby shower and friendship is just one of the perks of my job.
Next week brings more travel, both for work and pleasure. It also brings one of my favorite things: RECIPE CLUB! And it's my turn to be the hostess. As hostess we get to pick the theme. We have SEVERAL pregnant girls in recipe club so I thought it might be fun to have a "frozen meal" theme. You know, meals you can make in advance and freeze for later? Perfect for a girl with a new family and little time. So if you have any recipe ideas, pass them along.

It's funny how summer is rolling right along and school is getting closer and closer. My babies are growing up!


Polly said...

Frozen meal night sounds like an awesome idea, how thoughtful of you.

Ashley said...

I can't believe it's already August - I mean really - where has the summer gone?

The Ugly Truth previews made me laugh - did you end up liking it besides Gerard's eye candy?

Can't wait for recipe club tomorrow night - seriously! I'm so looking forward to it, thanks again for hosting! (And coming on Saturday!! ;)

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