Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mail call! (And why I am loving the US Postal Service)

Lately, I LOVE getting our mail. Love it! In addition to my new-found love of Hey It's Free! and all of the fun free samples I get in the mail we have been getting...


I just knew when we got Tessa's AMAZING ACT scores we would start getting some good mail and I was right! Yippee!

We got the breakdown of her scores, and I have to say once again how impressed I am by my daughter. She scored in the top 1% of kids in the state of Ohio AND the US. 1% That's MY daughter folks!

Whew! Hopefully this will help take some of the sting out of tuition, as some of the schools she is interested in are a bit on the pricey side.

So far, the front runners are:

Michigan State

University of Dayton

Miami of Ohio

I think Kentucky is so-so on her list. (Sorry Kentucky ladies, I thought this would be a stronger sell for her. Not sure why it isn't.)

Still need to go see Indiana (Special shout out to my Hoosiers!) Mizzou (Possibly one of my biggest regrets in life- not looking at Mizzou seriously) Pitt and the latest addition to her list, Notre Dame. Um, I was a little thrown for a loop when Notre Dame got thrown into the mix the other day. It's up there with Michigan State on the sticker shock factor.) She also surprised me a bit when she casually mentioned having started an application to Hanover.

Man, this all makes me want to go to college all over again! Too fun!


Ally said...

I've heard good things about Hanover AND it's close-ish to Aunt Ally. hahaha

WendyB said...

I'd NEVER want to do college again! You must have had a better time than I did!

KT said...

Wendy, I am telling you, let's go back together. Maybe it's because there is ZERO pressure on me or the fact that I am no longer young and insecure but visiting these colleges is a blast! I can't WAIT for parents weekend. And if they don't have one, I'm showing up anyway!

Loving Life said...

Mizzou is HUGE!!! I went there to visit a friend a couple weeks ago!

Polly said...

Sounds far better than our system - we pretty much just get offered a place at a uni and that is it. If you want to you can go for a second round offer but generally best just to get what you are given.

Would have been great to have a choice.
Glad you are having a ball.

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