Wednesday, July 22, 2009

For real, how much do I want this?

Love at first sight. And you can bet that I've already put in a call to my friend Trinette's husband Nate who CAN MAKE ANYTHING.

*Tessa actually found this in the PB Teen catalog. Maybe we can talk Nate into making two.


Ally said...

Two questions:

1) Does it spin?
2) Can I ride on the top of it?

KT said...

Ally, it does spin and I'd be happy to let you on top of it but I think it is taller than you are. We can hoist you up there though!

Ally said...

This is where I'm supposed to say I'm used to riding things taller than I am, right?

Where's my drumset? Ba dum ching!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

...and now I wish I had white furniture in Misadventure Manor.

presious said...


I love it! Great find. I really hope he can make it for you. What a treasure!


Christina said...

LOVE that!!!

Sara said...

Love it! Too bad I don't have $600 just laying around.

Polly said...

Awesome awesome awesome.

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