Thursday, July 23, 2009

Technology. Gotta love it.

So, during my travels with Joe, he introduced me to THE MOST AMAZING INVENTION EVER. Besides the credit card. And online shopping.
Here is the back story leading up to this AMAZING FIND:
Volvo drama: No working cd player
Katie's new job: Travel via car
Gotta keep it poppin at all times to keep myself entertained.
And I'm never good at keeping my shame a secret, so I let it out to Joe in the car.
Since I can't listen to cd's in my car I've been driving around with my laptop playing music on it. Kind of like a reverse boom box situation. I told Joe I was pretty ghetto. He corrected me and told me that was just crazy! Gotta love Joe for keepin' it real!
Back to the Katie and Joe road trip experience, Joe mentioned that he had brought his iPod for the car. In my unsuspecting world whenever I heard people mention using their iPods in the car I thought they were all driving around with their little ear buds in their ears listening to music. Which is illegal, but hey, I drive around with a laptop playing music in my car so who am I to judge? But OH NO.... Joe has an iPod adaptor thing-y that allows him to play his iPod music through my car stereo! I had no idea such a thing even existed! I am SO GETTING ONE! And you know what, it might even be more convenient than using my laptop as my car stereo. Who knew?
Oh, and one last tidbit about my Cup O Joe which runneth over with fun and technology:
Girl Talk. My new fave thing to listen to, from the Night Ripper cd! If you want something fun and new to listen to check it out! Joe was able to accomplish teaching me about all of this while having bronchitis. Poor guy. Luckily, he is on the mend and can hopefully teach me about the Brother P Touch or some other technology next.


Ashley said...

Oh this cracks me up Katie! Especially the image of you driving around with your laptop to listen to music!! I love that.

Was his the adapter or the radio adapter?

Bytheway, I saw you and a friend in the car last week @ the stop light in Polaris, getting off the 71. I tried to get your attention but couldn't, so just know I was saying hi your way ;)

Ally said...

Really, Katie? You didn't know about these? hahahahaa We have one but I tend to talk so much in the car we never use it.

Polly said...

Oh girl, you make me laugh!

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