Monday, July 6, 2009

You know it was a good weekend when:

1) You don't know where your car keys are but you know they are outside somewhere because even though you were only sitting outside of your own home it seemed like a good idea to make sure not to lock yourself out
2) Your babysitter gets to your house on Monday and you preface the day by saying "If any of my neighbors bring my shoes back I left them at one of their homes this weekend. Two pair of shoes, not just two shoes."
3) Your neighbor calls you to tell you she found your wineglass outside of her home and will bring it over for you.
*Apparently my neighbor brought the keys to my babysitter today. Neighbor one in this scenario is not the same neighbor as neighbor three. Great.....
**I lost one pair of shoes, went home to put on another pair and lost those as well. Came home barefoot.
***Is it a bad sign when someone offers to bring something to you versus have you get it from them? Does that translate into "Stay away from my property you silly drunken girl"


presious said...

I say somebody had an awfully good weekend! ....LOL! Question is, did you get a hangover?


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Sounds like fun to me!

Polly said...

Now those are serious signs of some fun.

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