Monday, October 26, 2009

Wish list- We'll start with Vera Bradley...

OK, as much as I try to avoid catalogs that get sent to me there are a few that I have a hard time not thumbing through.

And as we roll into the holiday season (sorry folks, sad but true, the signs are everywhere) the catalogs get harder to ignore. My mailbox is BOMBARDED.

Well, Vera Bradley caught my eye. Devil. You know how she got me? She got to me through my five year old. Dirty devil rat. Man. You know what Vera did?

I'll tell you, and it was a SMART MOVE. My intent was to quickly thumb through and then add the catalog to my recycling. But, as I thumbed through there were heavy card stock pages in the center of the catalog. Damn you Vera Bradley! The most STINKING CUTE paper dolls I have ever seen. Complete with little Vera Bradley handbags. Smack dab in the center of the catalog. And a little paper doll house for the two cute dolls to hang out in. With little holiday gifts wrapped in Vera paper. Yes, Vera Bradley, you got my attention. And now, well now I have decided I NEED the So Over It bag in Imperial Toile. And the microfiber clutch. (I'm pretty much banking on the fact that I will cave and order the clutch.)

And I'll tell you something else. This year I said I was going to the Vera Bradley outlet sale (held annually in my hometown of Fort Wayne Indiana) and I didn't. Well, next year, I'm in. Until then, I'll order online.


Kimberly said...

Those paper dolls even sucked this 30 year old in - they were adorable!

As for the outlet sale, talk about a freakin' crazy experience! I went a couple of years ago and couldn't believe I had agreed to it. Those women are crazy!

WendyB said...

Paper dolls are clever!

Ally said...

I love that clutch!

My buddy Laura goes to the sale (I am always too busy w/Derby to go) and will just buy me stuff she think I'll like. This year it set me back a whopping $17. Big cosmetics bag, 2 belts, 2 sashes, a case for my GPS and a silk scarf. Score :)

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