Sunday, October 18, 2009

Columbus Marathon

The Columbus Marathon is one of my favorite days to call Columbus home. The race is a big one, and is a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. So many people come out to support the runners, and it is so much fun to be a part of. We are especially lucky, because our neighborhood is along the race route, right at the 19th mile marker. Every year I get out my calculator and figure out about what time I can expect to go outside and see the race leaders go by. I have my little formula for doing this and for the last seven years my system has not let me down! (Which is more than I can say for Ohio State this season...) I have no idea why, but the combination of the camaraderie between the runners and the crowd always gets me fired up, and a little emotional. You haveCheck Spelling to admit, the time and dedication to go into preparing for a race like this is impressive. And to see the runners support one another mile after mile is really something to see. This year we got to see our friend Jurriaan whiz right by us! Rumor has it that he ran his personal best today!

Good job runners! Looking forward to cheering you on next year!


presious said...

I've never been much for running. As a young child, I was very sickly and I had asthma. My mother was EXTREMELY protective all the way through high school. She usually excused me from physical ed at school.

My ex and his wife run marathons quite offen. I'm not sure how long they are, but they seem to really enjoy them.

I wish I was able to run :).

Anonymous said...

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